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Used Car Questions

Question: I'd like the rims on the Chevy Silverado 2017 can I get those rims on the Silverado 2015 you have for sale? Are the tires new?

Answer: Yes of course, those are very nice rims, and the tires are new as well. We install brand new rims and brand new tires on most of our used cars and the pickup trucks we have for sale. The ones already installed on the Silverado 2017 are really nice too but if you prefer the ones on the 2015 we can install those instead.

Question: What is the interior color of the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT? I can stop on Saturday around 1pm to check it out?  

Answer: The interior color is charcoal, dark grey and the material is cloth. We will be here on Saturday, looking forward to see you!

Question: I'd like to buy the White Toyota Camry 2016 do you have the vehicle history?

Answer: Yes absolutely, we have a Carfax report of all of our cars for sale, the history of this Camry is absolutely clean with only one owner, we will be happy to show it to you when you visit us. Please let us know what'll be a good time for you.

Question: I want to buy a used car but I am a first time buyer, I don't know if I can qualify for credit, can you help?

Answer: Yes, absolutely, we can help you get your first car and you'll be able to establish your credit. If you give as a call we will be happy see how we might help,  and if you prefer we can call you instead at a time that is convenient for you. Please let us know, thanks.

Question: Hi, I am looking for a Chevy Silverado 3500 like the one marked as sold on your website. Are you getting another one, can you find me one, I'd prefer White color.

Answer: Hi, yes that Chevy Silverado 3500 is sold but we are buying more pickup trucks every week, also we can try to find you one, White if we can and the same model. However, If we can't find a White one would you have another color as a second option?

Question: We are looking for a nice truck for work like the White I see marked as sold, I will like to check the other pickup trucks you have. We'll be in the San Fernando Valley area next week visiting family, we are coming from far away,  where are you located I see you have 2 locations which one should we go to.

Answer:  One of our locations is right at the exit of San Fernando Road from Freeway 118 in Pacoima, CA  91331. The other is also on San Fernando Road (same city and zip) very close to Osborne Street. You can come to anyone of our two locations whichever you prefer depending on where you are coming from. Please let us know if you'd like someone to assist you with dirrections when you are coming.